SOLD~WTS Fax - Apostle Pilot ~Buyout offer accepted

WTS: Apostle pilot

Relevant Skills notes:

  • Apostle Mastery Level 3 (soon)


  • Jump Drive Operation V
  • Jump Drive Calibration V
  • Jump Drive Fuel Conservation IV

Other notable features:

  • Set of standard Implants
  • Positive Wallet
  • No Kill Rights
    *2 Jump clones not set
  • Located in Domain (Irnin).


  • Starting bid: 15 Billion ISK
  • Buyout: 25 Billion ISK
  • Bidding ends 48 Hours after last bid according to the forums.

(I pay transfer)

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are we able to do this sale and transfer?

still waiting for reply on bid.



25B BO

offer cancel buy another Cha with no respones

I have not heard anything from seller in a bit, will be taking down my bids and looking else where.

My apology I have been unable to monitor this closely over the last couple of days.

As there is a Buyout Offer on the table I will take that please make the deposit and PM in game to tell me the account to transfer too. I will attempt to get transfer started within 24 hours from payment occuring.

I will transfer to this account.

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isk send to Mo Fraochun in game ?

Yes, please transfer ISK directly to Mo Fraochun ingame. Also send Mo Frauchun an evemail with the details of the account you wish me to transfer the character too.

Isk and account info has been sent

I have tried twice to transfer the character to the following account names:
“Rabbirabb2 TUTU”, “Rabbirabb2 TuTu”, and Rabbirabb2_TuTu

I keep getting an error at the top of the transfer page saying: "Target user not found or not active. ";

I am now contacting support services to try and resolve. WIll keep you posted.

I have spoken with Support and they have raised a support ticket for the character transfer. I will follow up with as soon as I hear from them:

sure I will wait for you. Or you can try just Rabbirabb2 , cause I loggin with is account name


I think this info will help you

Hi Yes that was the correct account name now transfer has begun: