SOLD - WTS Naglfar+Obelisk

Can fly Naglfar + Obelisk.
tbh the skills of this char are quite over the place as I have extracted quite some SP in a hurry.
Still if you want a Naglfar pilot this is a very good start as he needs just a bit skilling to be a very decent Nagflar char again.

Bid starts at 28b. No Point offerting less as I’d rather extract the remaining SP then

No Killrights
Positive Wallet
NPC Corp

CA-1-4 Pod in Rahadalon

30b :slight_smile:

Thanks for the starting bid.
Will end the auction on Wednesday 30.11

Highest bidder by then wins

bumpy bumb

I accept your offer :slight_smile: Plz send isk and accountname ingame

31b b/o

confirming I am for sale

offer from GoldSnake already accepted. If he sends isk and accountname within 24h of my acceptance the deal goes through. So until 8pm GMT today.
Otherwise I’ll accept the offer from Caldari_Citizen_2120535128

As GoldSnake has not sent isk and accountname I accept your offer.
Plz send isk and accountname :slight_smile:

**edit: retracted

28bill, if others dont accept

Offer 32b

No response from Caldari Citizen 2120535128

I accept your offer plz send isk and accountname

Isk and accountname sent to x Sequoia x

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