(SOLD) - WTS Orca/Rorqual Miner/Refiner (42M SP)

Toon for sale, current docked in Jita 4-4

Wallet 0
Kill rights 0

Please check skills below

Start bid 40 Bil B/O 45 Bil

30 bil bid for a friend, can’t be bothered to swap accounts right now.

A little low sorry… try more :slight_smile:

31 Billions


Hi, I’ll offer your ask of 40B, but would like to close quickly please. Can you confirm?

Ok we can do that, Send isk to that toon, and I can Start the transfer within the hour.

Roger, sending Isk.

Ok, Isk sent!

Received, Can you Eve mail the account info pls.

Still waiting for account info.

Yes, will do, my apologies! Doing it now!

Evemail sent with account info. Again, apologies for a short stint AFK. TY!

All done, transfer started.


22 May 2019 04:59

Excellent, thank you! Will update upon receipt. Thank you for the swift action.

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