(Sold) WTS: Perfect Links 30m SP

Perfect links toon with 30m SP (except mining because boring).

Skill Sheet: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Jay_Akachi

  • Can perfectly fly T3 Cruisers and Command Ships.
  • 30m SP
    *250k unallocated SP
    *Remaps available
  • Clones
    *Federation Navy Command Mindlink with +4 training implants
    *Republic Fleet Command Mindlink (in lowsec NPC station)
  • A face only a mother could love
  • ISK Positive
  • No Kill Rights
  • Located in Jita 4-4
  • Positive Sec Status
  • Perfect support toon for WWBee!

I feel it’s a waste to just extract him but I won’t sell for under extraction value.

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19 bil

I’m looking for more than that.

Bumpity bump bump…

How much you are looking for?

@Gucci_Gucci_Tekitsu, thanks for your interest!

At least mid 20s. I can extract him myself if all i get from him here is extraction value.

20B final

@Saskava_Gong, not for 20b, final.

If you are not melting him down, it’s also worth noting that he has multiple expensive sets of implants for links.

To the top!

22bill offer

It would cost well over 30b to inject this much sp so lower 20s is a good bang for your buck, but unfortunately I’m in no rush so I’m looking for a little higher. I would start seriously considering offers around 25b.

Thanks for your interest!


Inject?Why you count the value of the character by Skill Injector?
If i want an extra character,i just need some MTCs.Its much cheeper than injectors.
Of course,time cost should be considered.I think that maybe the buyers should pay some more billions to compensate your time cost,but i doubt that we buyers should pay your “injector” fee?

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That’s why i’m looking for mid 20s not mid 30s haha.

Something something buy me!

make me yours


Have at me!

Links, you want them.