SOLD WTS puller/trader with reputations amarr/caldari AND emperor / caldary navy

Anyone interetsed ?

is amarr / caldari puller with nice standings with emperor family and decent caldary navy.

faction caldari (without/with connections ) 7.76 /8.12
faction amarr (without/with connections ) 6.36 / 6.94

emperor family (without/with connections ) 7.18 / 7.63 (amarr trader)
caldary navy (without/with connections ) 6.88/7.38 (caldary trader)

if interested answer the thread.

Offer decent and i sell ( i enter in a second to confirm )

Yes i am for sale.

I am a lvl5 puller , can deliver today as is, or pay today and deliver tomorrow with 7.0 of caldary navy but need the isk today

I plan hold the hood of the portrait, not connected, if interested answer the thread.

Today bump. I am at 12 lvl3 distrbution missions of 7.0 caldary navy.

15B or make me an offer

SoLd , for me is ok.

She have now the 7.0370 in caldary navy

Send the 15b and account name, and reply the thread.

Both send

Transfer done one moment ago.

As always, please remember the puller is a strange beast, and decline too much missions trash your reputations and can be dangerous travel to the other empire in alpha state.

As a safety measure, i strongly suggest put connections and iplomacy to V always, and no extract that habilities. Because is not configured , and is 20/20/20/20 attributes, can be wise use an injector to boost connections to V to give an extra boost in reputations to do more safely missions in Amarr space.

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