(SOLD) WTS RorQ and Orca pilot 26m SP - 18 Bill INSTANT SALE

-26m SP
-Located in Tribute but can change JC to HS for an exit
-wallet balance 0
-No Kill rights



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Sold? 20b offer

21b offer

22b offer

SORRY! had some irl issues …
HAspace & No0000
your guys offers still valid?
I will restart auction if so.
If not STILL FOR SALE open for bids

18b offer

sorry, -20b starting bid,

bump … changed to 20 BILL INSTANT SALE !

20B offer OK?

Sure JK 26 please send account info and isk to this char and i will start transfer!

JK ? still want this pilot ?

BUMP … still for sale … no response on last offer…
20 bill instant buyout !

BUMP … want this sold … open to offer

18b ? I’m ingame for the next 20min if you want

SOLD… pls send isk and account info

can you come online in game?

im on

im on now =)

BUMP … for sale again … offers pls

18b offer