[SOLD] WTS Rorqual pilot 23.9m

implants values are really expensive and even if it’s not valuable to you, It is to someone.
My skills seem to be not that bad too.
It even has jump calibration 5 and mining drone specialization 4, capital industrial ship 4. and perfect mining director & foreman skills with a mining implant.

By the way. Thank you for bidding.

22 bil

26b is quickly approaching what it would cost me to inject a brand new character.

I dont particularly care about the implant sets. (Mid grade slaves any way yuck) and… I think it might be against the rules to advertise them as an asset any ways. (Don’t really know dont really care)

Any how if the discount i get from buying a character is only going to be 5b or so id rather make my own. A fresh corp history and killboard is worth the extra 5b not to be associated with any one you were.

23b b/o

(I wont be able to send isk for 14 hours from this post.)

It costs much much much more if you’re going to make a new one and inject yourself If I did a math right.

(23.9-5)/0.4*800+(5/0.5)800, Which is what I’ve calculated the cost of injectors in order to make this char

Well, but yeah. The price I want is bit high. so B/O is going to be 25b.

Thank you guys all for bidding :slight_smile:

I’m currently online right now ingame.

Youre correct. I must have messed something up severely.

25b buy out

Thank you for bidding, 25b accepted. please send isk to this character.

Currently at work will send isk late tonight. Your tz seems to be almost opposite mine. With my luck youll likely get it after you go to sleep next lol.

Any way ill get it to you.

Understood. I’m still waiting :slight_smile:

8 hours from this post. 'Ish

Isk sent. I’ll pm account name.

25b isk received, Transformation will be started Thank you !

I havent updated the thread because the character hasnt shown up in my account page.

Either its a weird programming issue due to me having not logged into the client with it.

Or… You havent transferred yet.

In the case lf the ladder id like to work with the character tonight in about 14 hours from now. Think we could get the transfer started? The account name was eve mailed to the character.

Otherwise, ill try to update the thread tonight.

Character received.


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