SOLD WTS stripped Female 5.5m, high crystal 4 respec near tengu

(Ovi Aivo) #1

Because this account change to alpha in some hours, i go to put for sale.

Have two clones in jita, one improved, and one of high grade crystal, excellent for tengu,

She is now a rocket pilot, have caldari cruiser V and 7 days to tengu.

She have 4 respec.



Is in high sec, all ccp rules apply, positive wallet, no kill rights, answer thread please.

(Veldspar Rens) #2

3.3b offer

(EOH Lummox) #3

4b as a buyout, evemail if you accept. Isk ready.

(Ovi Aivo) #4

Agree to sell in 4b, send the isk and acc name

(Ovi Aivo) #5

transfer done

(EOH Lummox) #6

Confirm email received for transfer notification, thanks.

(system) #7

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