SOLD! WTS Tech 2 BPO - Barrage L

Barrage L
ME 10
PE 14
Located in HighSec (Placid)
Starting Bid 10 Billion ISK | Reserve: 15 Billion ISK | New Bids must be at least 500 Million ISK higher
End Date will be 16/04/2018 at 12 CET. | Sniper Rule: 6 Hours

Happy Bidding :blush:

10b then.

13 billion

Call the reserve at 15b

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15.5b offered

Shall i show my surprise face now?


17b isk I think.

17.5b if iโ€™m not too late, otherwise, to follow the rules, the win is for Lleylar

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slphy vansyl is the winner then, thanks dude :slight_smile:
Is it this character you want the contract asigned to?

got mail IG, thanks for preparing contract

ISK recieved - Auction succsessfully, BPO sold! Thanks again :slight_smile:

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