(SOLD) WTS Titan Pilot (Bus) - 64m sp - New price

Looking to sell this character. Currently located Sakht

Skillboard: https://eveskillboar…ilot/Sir_zaviel

Starting bid: 65 bil

What he comes with:

  • Headhunter skin for Erebus
  • High-grade slave set
  • High-grade ascendancy set

Important Skills:

  • Capital Hybrid Turret …@ lvl 5
  • Capital Railgun Specialization .@ lvl 5
  • Doomsday Operation …@ lvl 5
  • Doomsday Rapid Firing …@ lvl 5
  • Jump Drive Calibration …@ lvl 5
  • Jump Drive Operation …@ lvl 5
  • Gallente Titan …@ lvl 5


Daily bump



50 bil

51 bil

Thanks for the free bump!

New price for starting bid: 65 bil

offer bid changed to 52bil looked at sheet and price

Thank you for your bid


ok I have 62bil ready offer valid until I find another

Offer Accepted. Please send isk and account info by evemail to this character and I will initiate transfer. I will be online for the next 2 hours.

Isk sent and mail sent

Transfer has been initiated

mail received ty

Pleasure doing business. Enjoy the Character!

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