SOLD - you're too late! Selling the perfect alt YOU need 44.6m SP PW: sup

You need this alt in your repertoire. DST (Mastodon - the best one - Impel chumps are WRONG), sabre, probes, t2 logi (all cruisers 5), kickass links, solid drone skills, PI, cyno 5, fuckin’ great name, 625000 unallocated SP. It has it all except a rorq because Johnny is a man’s man, none of that sissy mining garbage for him, no sir! That’s right rorqboi, you’re a wussnugget, and Johnny has no respect for you.

Why sell an alt this ■■■■■■■ awesome? I’m looking to cut down my number of accounts because fuckin’ real life is ■■■■■■■ with my preferred life in Eve.

Buy my ■■■■!

30 bil

38 bil


btw maizie im down for that. i may not have time toget it handled before monday. life be busy yo

advertising 10/10.

Thanks, Johnny, contact me when you are ready. I’ll proceed at that time. Barring any significant changes in market conditions, the offer should still be good.


33 bil I can trade now. OK ?
Of these, 7.8 million Fleet Supports weren’t what I wanted.

No. I have the 38b deal closing Friday. Waiting for that unless anyone decides to beat it before then.

i give you 38,5 bill if you accepted it in 1 hour

sure. send isk and acc name

ok 2 minutes

ISK and acc sended

Transfer underway

Caracter arrived. THX

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