Cynabal Fit

Bonus Remap: 2
Sec Status: 0.00
Wallet: 0 ISK
Kill Rights: None
Location: JITA

Buy Out: 6Bil ISK

UP Today


UP Today

3.5b .


Confirm character in forum for sale and I’ll confirm price for 5B.

Samantha Striker it is still for sale, send ISK to character for sale to proceed

Got it!~ Sending ISK
To Elizabeth? or to Karen Hits? Karen Hits is the one on sale right?

Karen Hits

Confirmed, standby for Isk Transfer

Transfer Complete!

I’m turning in for the night. =) Sent account info via EVE Mail to Karen. Hope to see her tomorrow!~ =D

Transfer in progress

Character Transfer Completed. Character received!

Thank you for your business

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