I’m selling myself.
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Gordon_Gould PW: 1234

Key Skills:

  • Minmatar Carrier V
  • Amarr Carrier V
  • Fighters V
  • Support Fighters IV
  • Fighter Hangar Management V
  • Heavy Fighters IV
  • Good Shield and Armour Skills
  • Great Engineering skills
  1. Wallet balance is positive+
  2. No active jump clones.
  3. Character will be located in Jita 4-4

Bidding starts at 48bil. Buyout is 55bil or a price I’m happy with.

Daily bump for bids.


Thanks for getting me started.

If you can make it to 55b today I will accept that as a buyout otherwise I’ll hold on longer

Daily bump

To the top

Online now willing to negotiate on price to sell tonight.

Buyout lowered to 53bil.


If you bring your offer up to 52b I’ll setup the transfer tonight. But I’m not selling for below that.

Sorry but my maximum budget 50bil :roll_eyes:

Good luck with your search then and thanks for the interest.

Write if my proposal will be interesting for you.

Likewise if you find 2b extra stuffed down the back of the couch.


Sold ?!

Nope. Still selling.

Whats the price atm

I’ll sell for 52bil. Will be home in approx 20 mins to begin transfer for that price

Home now 19:04 and ready to transfer to the first 52bil bid.

50 Billion Confirmed o7

Confirmed, awating ISK and account details for transfer to begin.