pasw : 1488666

Well pumped combat character, born to battle, ships of all races!
Supercarrier Hel .
Skill Points 107,701,425
Security Status 5.01
Npc corp
Positive wallet balance
No Kill rights
in jita 4-4

Starting price : 80b
b/o 90b

Offering 70b as it’s not focused and barely a hel pilot

man if you want mothership toon, search him in another threads, for my character need more isk, besides, his skills can be redistributed to direction

still waiting a good offer 80b+


Bid retracted, thank you for your time.

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I’m still waiting for a new buyer.

85 bil here

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88 bil here

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Everyone else,don’t bother me vain, I need a buyer and not a babbler. If you are sure that you want to buy, i agree to the offer in 88b

isk and info sent

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isk received

The character transfer process has begun. Despite the fact that the character is still tied to your account, they can not play.
Character name: Doctor Wholen
Time to completion:: 02/24/2019 22:49:04

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