WTS ME 61.5 mio Hel Pilot

Hi I WTS Me 61,5m Super Hel Pilot

Starting Bid 45 B
Buy Out 65 B
Sitting in Amar High sec
posivtive wallet and sec Status
happy Biding

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35b start offer


Any implants, jump clones, skins?

wow supreme example of dedicated pilot… really can’t do anything BUT the supercarrier.

I’ll offer you the 42Bil extraction price in case you don’t get higher offers from someone needing a Hel pilot.

I have blue tiger skin firewall skin hazzard controll skin sebiestor skin 1 jumpclone in jita with a improved learning set

43b in this case

45 b new offer

I have escaped differently and will not sell the char now have other plans with him, therefore, the sale is discontinued

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