(Silviu Tomescus) #1


(Blobert Jenerik) #2

You must state if the wallet has isk in it or not and confirm with the toons you are selling that they are for sale. Toons being sold must confirm that they are being sold. You must disclose if jump clones and if any toon has any kill rights on them.

Once you update your post with this information, I’ll bid 15 billion for Silviu Tomescus.


(Silviu Tomescus) #3

0 isk in wallet. Toons are being sold also as i will give login detail @ eve for the account! Will let it go for at least 19bil

(Magnus theRed) #4

You cannot sell the account, you have to sell the characters and transfer them to the buyer through account management.

You might want to read the rules for this forum lest you get yourself banned

(Silviu Tomescus) #5

Got one offer, selling my main + 2 alts for 17.5 billions including taxes. The person that made that offer please reply for transparency motives !

(JoshBreezy Austrin) #6

17.5 bil is the offer
All required information required has been provided to me through appropriate channels.