I’m for sale.


password - 7777


  • Great name
  • Positive ISK balance
  • No kill rights
  • No jump clones
  • Industrial core t2
  • 3 remaps available
  • located in Jita, has 5 Improved implants
  • NPC corp

Only downside, is no Jump skills yet

Will transfer with Credit Card, all CCP rules apply

Open to offers

14 bill offer

Noted, thanks! If there are no more offers I’ll accept your bid on Saturday after DT

14.1 b

copy, thanks. I’ll be online in about 3 hrs

Well, accept your offer. Please send ISK and account info

Need a sec.

Both sent.

Confirmed, starting transfer…wait for a few mins please

transfer is started. please confirm you received e-mail from CCP

Transfer email received, thanks.

thanks for a deal! o7

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