Pass: 123

  • High standings with Sisters of EVE & Caldari
  • Can fly Golem with LVL 5 missiles and ship skill
  • Expensive implant set. Over 2.5bill Isk plus clones elsewhere.
  • Located in Highsec
  • Positive wallet
  • Positive sec status +5

Char was used for PVE but is easily adjusted into PVP with a good set of core skills.

Starting bid: 35bill
Buyout: 45bill

No in game messages as I don’t really check on this toon.

35b isk ready


36b ready

Edit : Mail me if you want to discuss a buyout more reasonably

Post or mail me your best offer I guess. I Look at mail via forums when I check here.

38 Billion ISK right here.

I’ll give you your buyout price
Mail in game

Will be able to check in game mail in about 5hrs and get back to you, in work currently.

Don’t have any in game mail, if you are offering BO price listed send ISK and account info I’ll try and check before work tonight so I can transfer.

ATM Highest forum bid currently stands at 38bill.

Bump still for sale

to the tops

up we go

Back up we go


40B isk

45B B/O ready

I’m around for a little bit if ISK and account name sent soon can transfer before I go offline. In mean time bidding still open until ISK received.

Has been sent isk and account info

Character transfer started. Enjoy the toon.


14 Jul 2019 19:20

EVE Character transfer

I have received it. Thank you