Let’s try this again…

Full HG Crystal Set.
Positive Wallet.
Located : Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant.
Transfer done via card.

Starting Bid : 40B
Buy Out : 45B




transfering via card = transfering via plex ?

By debit card, so it should be quite fast =)

I get it. thx


Will accept this bid if there are no new offers within the next day.

Offer accepted, please send ISK and account information. So the transfer can begin =)

Sorry I have find another


Bid noted, thank you! If there are no additional offers within 36 hours he’s yours.

I needed to know in the next few hours as going away for a week in the morning

just call it a free bump


Boop! Adding a B/O of 45B.

42bil b/o offer valid till i find another toon

Offer Accepted! Please send ISK and account details :3

45B isk ready

Would be terrible manners to not stand by the deal I made, sorry!