Olivia Kouvo

I pay transfer
In Highsec
Positive Sec status and wallet
No kill rights

Cyber 5 and full +5 pod
Skill books for 3 Races of carriers, JF, Rorq and many more.

Pink Rosada Dawn Orca and Rorqual Skins injected.

Starting Bid 4B

I’ll start with 4b

I offer 4.1b

do you have a buyout in mind

4 . 7 B

5.5b bo

5.6 (:::::::::

you are cute

6b bo


5.3B isk ready

how can you bid 5.6 then 5.3?

6.25b offer

6.3 bo



7b bo

Will end the Auction at downtime. Highest bid gets it.

Ovrlrd winning bid 7b send isk and account name

Cool I’ll be home in 30m and will send both

Isk and account info sent