No future for this toon in my plans, so … actually i don’t have a plan but anyways here we go… pass:54321

1 bonus remap available

Buyout 30B.
Offer ends in cca. 10 days except if we decide differently.
I pay transfer with cash.
ISK goes to this toon.
All CCP rules apply.
I keep the right to cancel this auction anytime without reason.
Positive wallet.
Located at Dodixie.
Sec status 0.3
Home Aclan 0.5
No kill rights. Except on my main when i tested CONCORD reaction time :wink:
No jump clones.

Big thanks for understanding ! :wink:

22b offer.

thx, but way too low (i will update original post with pricing)

bump. thanks.

28b ready to transfer

Give me 29.5. I have mouse hovering over transfer button right now.

bump ☆

You have a deal for 29.5b

ISK and account name sent ingame. Awaiting transfer

sent new email ingame with updated account name

ok. give me some minutes.

Transfer in progress …

Character received, Thanks :smiley:. Add me ingame

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