14.5b offer

@Cez_McNez make it 15bn send account details in game and ill start transfer as soon as isk hits wallet


Seriously dude, learn how to do your math. A pilot with +5 training implants and perfect remap will be able to train about 2mil SP per month. your pilot has 17mil SP. take 17mil divides it by 2mil = 8.5 months of training.

At the current PLEX price, it will cost about 1.5 billions for 500 PLEXes to Omega the pilot each month. Take 1.5bil multiples by 8.5 months will = 12.75 billions ISK.

To sum it up, if someone would to start a brand new character right now and buy PLEXes at the current price for 8.5 months of Omega status training, they will be able to get a character like yours but with more benefits (such as defining their own body shape and look, name, clean corp history, clean killboard history, etc).

If I were you, I would take any bid that is 12bil or above before PLEX price drops even more. Anyway, good luck :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: I have no interest in your character, just wanting to help the community justify the price tag.

lol, the reason people come on here to buy a toon is because they dont have the time and want the toon instantly and not have to wait, so you need to stop giving advice when you seriously have no idea what this place is and why people pay what they pay. the going rate is 1bn per 1m sp this is a bargain at 15bn. so next time before you have a bright idea think it over before you speak out it may save you some embarrassment and me some time.

Hahaha, dude!!! I’m one of the biggest character traders on this board. Stop looking at just your thread and go to the main character bazaar page here: https://forums.eveonline.com/c/marketplace/character-bazaar/60

and look-up my avatar picture on the main page. how many threads do you see my avatar involved in? then dig deeper, how many sales have I closed? HUNDREDS in total but 3 so far today!! Here are the links for the 3 I closed JUST TODAY:

so do not tell me I “have no idea what this place is and why people pay what they pay” :slight_smile:

dude youre acting like a child, and youre not making sense why youre coming on my thread when you have no intentions of buying to talk about how long it will take someone to train a toon lol then. just to have a go about pricing when its clearly a bargain, so jog on or i will have ccp involved and have you removed…

Can you be specific at what I’m not making sense of? The math that I just described? lmao, perhaps you need to get your math skill checked then :slight_smile: This is my field of the game. I know very well how much a character is worth so you should be thankful for my explanation of the math I did for your character.

Oh, and I did mention why I posted. Learn how to read:

you were warned…

have not done anything wrong so i careless. in my initial post, i specifically came here to help out the community to justify the price tag of your character after seeing you and bidders disagreed. like i said, you should be thankful. and yes, go ahead and report this to CCP.

its done now.

congrats, your ticket count just went up by 1 more :slight_smile:

are you really this whiny?
how many tickets have you already put in throughout your entire eve career?
do you submit a ticket everytime you lose a ship to someone and they call it out? :slight_smile:

were you bullied as a child? it shows…

I could decide to keep this going but I choose not to… i want to save CCP from having to read through your non-sense tickets :slight_smile: they have better things to do such as improving this game. good bye :slight_smile:

too late now everyone can see what you’re now XD

yes, that I am one of the biggest character traders that gave you advice on how much your char is worth but you chose to turn it into a brawl :slight_smile:

like i said, look me up on the char bazaar board. i’m everywhere… you’re the new guy here, listen up and learn :slight_smile:

bye now, no more advice to you

you’re not helping me in anyway you think this is the first toon ive sold??? ive been around over 13 years you thought you would be clever by droping that wall of text intimidating people it wasn’t nicely done or necessary you’re a bully. so stick to your own threads your rudely put advice is worthless just like you. so jog on.

Retracted, Other offers found

do you still selling this character?i can offer14.5b

i do the price is 15bn to BO now