Hiya fellow Capsuleers,

Here I have a 11.9 mil toon in alpha state with additional 1mil unallocated skill points for all your exploration cravings. As you will be able to see here: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Stylo_Hun it has been skilled purely for exploration. Following skills are at level 5:

Hull Upgrades
CPU Management
Capacitor Management
Capacitor Systems Operation
Power Grid Management
Evasive Maneuvering
Warp Drive Operation
Astrometric Pinpointing
Shield Management
Shield Operation
Amarr Frigate
Spaceship Command
Long Range Targeting
Signature Analysis

Stylo currently has a positive balance of about 1 mil. No kill rights, some random skins for asteros.

2 bonus remapings as well as all implants giving + 4 attributes (standard set)

Ideally looking for 8 bil but open to offers.


5b ready now

Thank you for your interest, let’s see how it goes for few more days and if there is nobody else we can try to negotiate a bit higher price

5.5 bil

It’s getting better, thank you! May i add that i was able to scan any site quite comfortably? The toon is a scanning machine!

Hmm no interest today. Well then 5.5bil going once! when it goes 3 times then it’s sold!

5.7 bil

please confirm positive wallet and no bounties / killrights

Excellent. Please advise how to confirm that apart from me saying that I have positive wallet and no kill rights? I am sorry this is my first appearance on the bazaar, I am quite new to the intricacies of it…

Typically you state clearly, as you just did that

  1. you verified that the wallet ballance is positive
  2. you verified that there are no bouties or kill rights

3) I didnt really ask but: you understand that seller pays transfer fees

Theres no way that you can confirm it publicly via eveskillboard but I want to make sure that you’ve actually personally checked on all of the above and read the character transfer rules, if this is your first time.

I might have skimmed over them. Let me check on the seller fees things, somehow I thought this is a free process. Silly me. Ah wow they want £17 for the transfer, i better start saving up! No worries I should be able to cover these fees

My offer stands 5.7.

Make sure you read the rules carefully. There’s a few other details I didn’t mention all of which could get the sale reversed / canceled and waste everyones time.

Stylo is a man of action, there is no time to waste time! Once price is agreed sale will go trough! So far it’s 5.7 Bill going once, if no more interested parties step in it’s a done deal on going 3

I’m rescinding my offer. Best of luck.

TxivYawg1 - are you still in?

count me out…

What about you, person whose name I wont even try to type are you still interested?

5.7 bil

5.8b B/O offer

Aaaand sold! Please transfer the ISK and provide account info and I will initiate the transfer

ISK and account name sent in game.