Selling multiple characters over different accounts I’m downsizing and restarting to a single new character.

Second Character Skilly the Skiller bare bone skill training character for large skill extraction. All offers considered
Located in Jita 4-4
Wallet is ISK positive
Character has no kill rights
No jump clones

offering 2.8b for Skilly the Skiller

Thank you. I will close the bid to skilly in 24 hours if no better bid comes

Rhonan Irwin
3b offer

Please make a sales thread for each individual character you’re selling and comply with the Bazaar Rules :slight_smile:

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My apologies I think I’ve fixed the problem

Skilly still on this thread?

Yes and you still have the highest bid

Marketing 0919 Boirelle your bid has won please send isk to Skilly the Skiller and forward details to start pilot transfer to your account so i can start pilot transfer

ISK&Account info sent

Character transfer has been initiated thank you for an easy sale

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