i want to sell my unused 31+ Mio SP Pure-Miner-Girl,


  • SP: 31,997,068

  • Yearly Remap: 1

  • Bonus Remaps 1

  • Security Status 0.01

  • Positive wallet balance

  • No kill rights

  • Located in HS

  • Jump clones: 3 (1 x Ore / 2 x Ice)

Fast sale at good offer welcome

the price?

Well my friend, you have to tell me what it is worth to you… :slight_smile:

18b :ok_hand:

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thanks for your offer, but i see this char well over 20

Ok tonight, the best offer wins

Ok Lian lei, are you ready for transver?

yes give me 15 mins, will update once i have made transfer.

isk and account info sent to @Rebalina

Transfer is running, THX.

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