I would like to offer you 28b :face_with_monocle:

Then you would be sad to hear my reply.

It is 82 Extractors, you are short quite abit for that base price alone.

32 bil offer

i just made an opening bid to get the ball rolling, im sure others will out bid me sir. usually it takes the first bid to kick things off to a start :pray:

32B would be the start of what I would think is minimum, but that is extractor/injector price.

33b offer

Thanks for the Bump but not enough.

you dont make it easy, 35b offer

I value this this guy at a min of 38b. Take into account Skill Points, Injected Skills and a Completely Raw History.


i thought 32b was your minimum, anyway 36b is my final offer

Rdmr, I will take it. Send Isk and Account Name

Sold Pending Isk

isk and account information send, waiting for the transaction

Isk Received Transfer Started. Thank you for doing business