EveSkillboard - Coma Lens SOLD
(2009 Toon) Mainly Shield and Missiles. Some hauling (used it for Prorator and Impel)

EveSkillboard - Noma Lens SOLD
(2008 Toon) Mainly Armor and Blasters/Rails. SOLD

Selling at below extracting costs. Both accounts are currently in Alpha state.

Positive ISK wallets on both.
Good Security Status.

This is the Noma Lens Account that is also for sale for proof. EveSkillboard - Noma Lens

I’ll take Noma for 23, sending ISK and account now.

Edit: ISK/mail sent, please confirm when possible.

Loggin in now then will x-fer

Confirmed. ISK received, Character Transferred. Thank you!


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sending isk and info to buy coma lens

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Great thank you. Will confirm on Coma Lens once I get it.

Confirmed. ISK received, Character Transferred. Thank you!

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Just letting u know it’s a ■■■■ move to to accept offers on 2 Posts at the same time… then go trough with a SALE and not letting the other party know u never revoked the “I accept ur offer”… I send isk and info and had to make a ticket to get my ISK back… Thanks @Coma_Lens & @Noma_Lens even if u won’t ever read this that’s absolutely a cock move :pinching_hand:

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