WTS Industry Pilot 35m SP

Looking to sell my Industry character Buy out would be 40B Starting bid can start at 30B highest bidder will receive Friday after isk has been sent to my other toon. Positive wallet, no kill rights, located in HS, and the only clone left has the Harvester implant set which is why buy out is set at 40B. Character is also in NPC Corp not sure why skillq is not updating. Screen shot, and skillq link provided

I read over the rules again, and apparently that has changed since the last time I sold a character here which was many years ago. My apologies. This character will receive the isk then per the rules, and I will extend the duration until Monday 7/15/2024.

Thank you all for clarifying the rules to the poster.

I have removed the now off-topic postings and bidding may continue as all relevant info is present.

22 B offer

Not going below 30B. Thank you for the offer though.

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Can fly Orca, and Rorq. PI, mining, research, and manufacturing. Would be willing to consider 25B!

Will you do 24 B? ISK is ready

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I can. Just wont be home until about 4:00pm EST today. Can you wait until then?

Alright. I agree to do 24 B
There’s only room for two more characters in my accounts. I’ll let you know if there is any changes to that.

Sounds good. I agree to the 24B and will contact you when I get home this afternoon to finish it up.

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I’ll send ISK and account details now. Going to sleep soon.

Okay I am home so whenever you are ready

ISK and account details sent

Isk received, and started character transfer.

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Character received, thanks