Hi I want to auction Doctor Hypothermia. A Rare opportunity to own such an old character and one with such focused skills

Please see character sheet

Key info -
Wallet is positive
current clone is in high sec ( +5s) there are another two in high sec and 2 in 00. There are some nice implant sets on some of the clones ( for cap use)
No outstanding kill rights on the character

Some of the key skills -
Gallente Dread 5
Gallente Carrier 5
Gallente Titan 5
Caldari Titan 5
Caldari Carrier 5
Minmitar Dread 5

Doomsday Operation 5

Starting Bid’s 120 bil
Auction will close when I get an acceptable bid that can be agreed

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100b offer

Too low but thanks for the offer

120blast offer if your sell it

125 bil and you can have him today

ok…isk send pls check.

recieved will arrange transfer with you now

It says you are already involved in a character transfer and will have to hold until that’s complete unless you have another account where you would like the character to be sent to?

Please wait for the transfer to me after the completion, if the fastest is about 4or5 hours, the slowest is about 12 hours, thank you

Transfer process begun he should be yours shortly :slight_smile:

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