As per title

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40b buy out sexy pants , HooooOooooooSh

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Tempting but ima hold off for now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Awwww yhuuuuu meany :slight_smile:

Ok well tell me your source and I’ll shower you with gold :smile:

42b offer

Feelin generous first to 45b gets it! (expires at 18.00 Eve time)

Up to the top boys! (and space gurls)

I accept your offer contract is up :slight_smile:

Nerd declined the contract still for sale then! :slight_smile:

Happy to offer 40 for it if you’d looking to sell.


The nerd offered 40 nawt 41 :stuck_out_tongue:

I have fat fingers okay :sweat_smile: 40b contract is up unless Xavier wants to offer more :slight_smile:

Give it to Xavier bro , I’m out of town for a few days now anyways :slight_smile:

Contract up as per KiloAlphas request :slight_smile:

Well people are bad at accepting contracts so its still for sale :slight_smile:

BPC has been sold

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