Confirming, I am for sale, 2006 Character with a good name, 2 bonus remaps and gets a regular one in 7 months

Exhumers 4/Mining Barge 4 and Tycoon 3 for In station trading
Billion and billions in skillbooks injected that you wont have to buy.

All eve rules apply
positive wallet and sec status no clones that I can remember
Bids begin at 5b and will first to post an 8b offer take it instantly

Please dont lowball as the tranfer fee makes is not worth to take less than 5b


offer 3b

Thanks for the offer but not enough

This is not an exhumer pilot since you need mining barge V to sit in an exhumer.

You are correct, But it has exhumers 4, and Barge 4, it would only tak 2 weeks to complete Barge 5 and make it an exhumer pilot with lvl 4 exhumers already… hence why it says subcap Miner in the title… and trade Character



ALSO, NOW TRAINING BARGE 5 to make it a proper exhumer pilot 12 days remaining



Bump!, less than 10 days to Exhumers 4

Bump !

7 days left to be exhumer pilot , Bump!



6,5B offer b/o

its yours, send isk and account details
and I will commence the transfer

Just a couple…FYI:

Correct on the Jumpclones, I can delete them if you wish

isk and info send (mail)