21,918,545 Skillpoints (9,322,039 SP in fleet support)
Check them out here:

Standard learning implants.
One bonus remap
no kill rights
The pilot is in Amarr 1.0 system
Positive wallet: 8KK isk
Two jump clones in Venal.

I will not sell it for less than 10B.

11 bil and done!

12b b/o


13b b/o

13.5 b/o

15B bo

17B B/O

17B from @Vadim_UnholyFEAR accepted. Send isk and account name.

isk sended

@Vadim_UnholyFEAR Transfer initiated. In 10 hours, she’s yours.
Good luck, and thank you.

Thank you! Have a nice day!

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