Selling Joe Mayma

33.4 Million SP, Full set of IMplants
Sec status positive
No clones
1 Isk
Located in Jita Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant in a Ibis

30 Billion Isk

Hopefully he doesn’t mess up as bad as I did on these posts…

15 billions

15.5B isk

30b is too high i think 17b is a nice price

Sounds good, thanks!

I’m ready to buy for 17.1B right away :slight_smile:

I’'m online now.

So do you accept my offer of 17.1B?

I do.

I’ll send you ISK and Eve mail with the account name for transfer in the next 10 minutes

Sounds good!

Done, please let me know when you’ve initiated the transfer

SOrry for the delay, been a long time since I’ve done. Thank you sir!

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