WTS 7 year old character Joe Rogan

Hi, just seeing if there is any interest in this character I created 7 years ago and never touched.
Wallet balance: positive
Kill rights: none
Jump clones: none
Character Location: Lustrevik [VII - 9] Brutor Tribe Academy


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Your Skillboard link is not pointing to the Char you are Selling here. Check that it is not set to private mode.

Set to public.


3 billion ISK offer.

Thanks for the offer. I’m going to hold out for a bit more to make it worth the transfer fee.

Just seeing if there’s any interest this weekend.

And how much you want ?

I’m open to offers. I really don’t know what it’s worth.

b u m p

Ok, is 4b still on offer?
Is anyone else interested?

Bump to see if anyone is interested.

Any interest now at 4b?

Ill take him for 5B if he’s still available

Yes he is

Would you take 5B?

Yes I will sell to you for 5B.

Just seeing if anyone is actually interested. Thanks.

I’d do 2B on it, that’s the highest I’d go for just a name though

Would you take 4b? real buyer here

Bump for cool name