WTS me

Positive wallet balance.
No kill rights.
In NPC corporation.
Char Located in high sec

With High Amulet 1-6, Odin’s eye, EM-804, RF-906, HG-1005
worth approx 4bil+

Start bid: 45bil
Buyout: 55bil

prefect toons for low-sec dreads brawl.

39b offer

42b offer


43b offer

daily bump

46b offer.can not be higher anymore

Thank you for your generosity. I will scrape together enough money to get to your account around 11:00 tomorrow(+8time)

47b offer, ISK ready but transfer will need to wait 10 hours (need to initiate & complete biomass on a character). Please confirm if you accept the offer and ISK will be sent immediately.

okay .im give up. good luck and fly safe

accept @GET_RICH_QUICK , send mail and isk :slight_smile:

Isk and mail has been sent. Biomass has been initiated, I will let you know when it completes and the destination account has a free slot.

@GET_RICH_QUICK isk and mail confirm, please tell me when you ready for transfer :slight_smile:

Biomass is complete, please initiate transfer :slight_smile:


Character received, thank you!

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