Hi there I am for Sale.

Can fly a decent orca, with boosts. Hulk pilot, fenrir freighter pilot, transport ship pilot, cov ops scanner pilot.
Decent drone and shield skills with minnie cruiser 5 so can be used for combat or whatever with little training.
Lots of injected skills, with +3 implants.
Eveboard speaks wonders.


Starting bid 15bil
buyout make an offer I can’t refuse.
Sale ends friday.
Contact Kriixus in game for questions or offers.

positive wallet
2 remaps
no killrights
-0.07 sec
will be removed from current corp, sitting in a high sec station upon sale.

Thanks for looking!

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12 bil




17 bill

17,5B isk Ready

All offers noted, Sale will continue until friday 10pm eastern time. Thanks!

18 bill isk ready

18,5B offer stands for next 1 Hour

last offer is offline looking to sale immediately looking for a 19b b/o otherwise character will go to the 18.5 bid. Currently online with “Kriixus” feel free to message.

b/o was accepted but isk and account name were never sent and character is offline. Still for sale looking to end soon.


Well no one is responding so still for sale. private convo Kriixus in game for b/o

isk and account name sent, awaiting transfer

b/o accepted isk and account name recieved, Account is currently in transfer. Thank you for the deal.

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