(stewenzie) #1

Hi there I am for Sale.

Can fly a decent orca, with boosts. Hulk pilot, fenrir freighter pilot, transport ship pilot, cov ops scanner pilot.
Decent drone and shield skills with minnie cruiser 5 so can be used for combat or whatever with little training.
Lots of injected skills, with +3 implants.
Eveboard speaks wonders.


Starting bid 15bil
buyout make an offer I can’t refuse.
Sale ends friday.
Contact Kriixus in game for questions or offers.

positive wallet
2 remaps
no killrights
-0.07 sec
will be removed from current corp, sitting in a high sec station upon sale.

Thanks for looking!

(Harvey Arbosa) #2

12 bil

(Beekillrz) #5


(Moruk Lap Lamiz) #6


(Beekillrz) #7


(dzzzz Shi) #8

17 bill

(Moruk Lap Lamiz) #9

17,5B isk Ready

(stewenzie) #10

All offers noted, Sale will continue until friday 10pm eastern time. Thanks!

(suicide 0) #11

18 bill isk ready

(Moruk Lap Lamiz) #12

18,5B offer stands for next 1 Hour

(stewenzie) #14

last offer is offline looking to sale immediately looking for a 19b b/o otherwise character will go to the 18.5 bid. Currently online with “Kriixus” feel free to message.

(stewenzie) #15

b/o was accepted but isk and account name were never sent and character is offline. Still for sale looking to end soon.

(Countess VonDracula) #16


(stewenzie) #17

Well no one is responding so still for sale. private convo Kriixus in game for b/o

(Countess VonDracula) #18

isk and account name sent, awaiting transfer

(stewenzie) #19

b/o accepted isk and account name recieved, Account is currently in transfer. Thank you for the deal.

(system) #20

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