WTS 5.4m Orca Pilot 39.4% Boost*(Price Reduced 4.5b TODAY ONLY)*

(Jasiv 2) #1

All CCP rules followed.

No kill rights.
Positive Wallet.
Bonus Remaps: 2

This characters roll currently sits as a boosting alt, and it does it’s job very well. With cybernetics 5 including the implant and other important skills to level 5, it’s nearly a maxed boosted orca in mine time. Will need some work for radius of buffs down the line.

Taking offers.


(Winston Onzo) #2

Need to be in an npc corp

(Jasiv 2) #3

It is, the skillboard is always behind sometimes several days behind. Once I had a 11m sp character, and it still said I had 9.8m after adding a few injectors.

It is in a npc corp however, so is my other sell.

(Jasiv 2) #4

Asking 5.5b buy out.

(Jasiv) #5

Bumping this post cause

(Jasiv 2) #6

Bumping this post.

(Jasiv 2) #7

(Price Reduced 5b)*

(Jasiv 2) #8

Yeah these characters are still for sale :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jasiv 2) #9

Reducing Price to 4.5b (no less) if the sale doesn’t happen today, I’ll just keep the toon for SP farming.

This is a good, nice boosting pilot. Don’t let it pass you buy you have to spend twice that at least to inject it.

(Victor Dalisay) #10

i offer 4 billion isk

(Jasiv 2) #11

Offer accepted per in game agreement, please send isk to Jasiv 2, and account name to iniate the transfer.

(Jasiv 2) #12

I seem to be experiencing chat difficulties, and disconnects. Please send the isk and account name and I will start the transfer.

Update: Buyer went MIA as I disconnected, willing to accept 4b from another offerer.

(Marlin Akiga) #13

ill offer 3.5b

(Immeral Liadon) #14

4B bid

(Beccy TheFarmer) #15

4.1B bid

(Immeral Liadon) #16

4.2B bid

(Beccy TheFarmer) #17

4.3b bid

(Immeral Liadon) #18

4.4 bil. Beccy You can b/o this char :laughing:

(Jasiv 2) #19

Long work week, I apologize for not responding. Bumping for interest, if either bidder is in please let me know thanks. Paying with cash for transfer so it will be a quick one.

(System Guard) #20

I’ll take it for 4.5B B/O
Can complete today.