WTS 5.4m Orca Pilot 39.4% Boost*(Price Reduced 4.5b TODAY ONLY)*

All CCP rules followed.

No kill rights.
Positive Wallet.
Bonus Remaps: 2

This characters roll currently sits as a boosting alt, and it does it’s job very well. With cybernetics 5 including the implant and other important skills to level 5, it’s nearly a maxed boosted orca in mine time. Will need some work for radius of buffs down the line.

Taking offers.


Need to be in an npc corp

It is, the skillboard is always behind sometimes several days behind. Once I had a 11m sp character, and it still said I had 9.8m after adding a few injectors.

It is in a npc corp however, so is my other sell.

Asking 5.5b buy out.

Bumping this post cause

Bumping this post.

(Price Reduced 5b)*

Yeah these characters are still for sale :stuck_out_tongue:

Reducing Price to 4.5b (no less) if the sale doesn’t happen today, I’ll just keep the toon for SP farming.

This is a good, nice boosting pilot. Don’t let it pass you buy you have to spend twice that at least to inject it.

i offer 4 billion isk

Offer accepted per in game agreement, please send isk to Jasiv 2, and account name to iniate the transfer.

I seem to be experiencing chat difficulties, and disconnects. Please send the isk and account name and I will start the transfer.

Update: Buyer went MIA as I disconnected, willing to accept 4b from another offerer.

ill offer 3.5b

4B bid

4.1B bid

4.2B bid

4.3b bid

4.4 bil. Beccy You can b/o this char :laughing:

Long work week, I apologize for not responding. Bumping for interest, if either bidder is in please let me know thanks. Paying with cash for transfer so it will be a quick one.

I’ll take it for 4.5B B/O
Can complete today.