WTS 5.4m Orca Pilot 39.4% Boost*(Price Reduced 4.5b TODAY ONLY)*

(Jasiv 2) #21

Sounds good, send isk and let me know which account name Thanks.

(Jasiv 2) #22

I’ll be back in about 5 hours.

(Brock Khans) #23

I’m always happy to have people report bugs to me on eveskillboard.com, but to clear up a few minor questions people have:

  1. I update characters in the background every 6 hours
  2. Most API endpoints I use (skills, corp, etc) are on a 1 hour cache. So if you create a skillboard, then quit your corp, its going to be at least an hour until the API catches up, and potentially 6 hours until the next api update
  3. SP/Skills are only updated on the API when you login. If you train skills while offline and don’t sign in for 6 months, your SP doesn’t actually update on the API
  4. Total SP does not include injected SP that hasn’t been allocated, make sure you check that

And 1 tip: You can force a refresh of your skillboard by simply reauthing through SSO, I allow that form of forced refresh for the end user. (however certain things like skills are not refreshed , even on demand if the total_sp returned from api hasn’t change then what my website knows about)

(System Guard) #24

Isk and account name sent,

(Jasiv 2) #25

Logging in now.

(Jasiv 2) #26

Transfer initiated. Please confirm when you get an email, thanks.

(System Guard) #27

character in bound.
thank you.

(Jasiv 2) #28

Yw np ty.

(Amarrescu) #29

U still have a char or they are all sold ?

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