(Valke) #1


1 yearly remap
2 bonus remaps
Positive wallet
No kill rights
Located in Jita

Feel free to place your bid.

B/O 6.5 Bil

Notable skills at level V:

Light Drone Operation
Capacitor Management
Medium Projectile Turret
Small Projectile Turret
Minmatar Frigate
Minmatar Destroyer

(Hariere Abre-Kai) #2

I’ll do 5B

(Aki Onnlin) #3

5.5B ISK

(Valke) #4

@Aki_Onnlin Mail sent.

(Aki Onnlin) #5

ISK and info sent.

(Valke) #6

ISK received. Transfer started.


(Aki Onnlin) #7

Character received as advertised.

Many thanks!

(system) #8

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