(Niccolo Paganini) #1

Transfer started.

Looking to sell if the price is right.

  • Good missile/gunnery skills

  • Black Ops 4, Marauders 4

  • JD0 5, JDC 4, JFC 4

  • Unallocated SP - 470,988

  • Can transition to capitals anytime

  • 4 jump clones - a couple with basic implants

  • Yearly remap ready +2 bonus remaps

  • 0.6 Sec status, no kill rights, no bounty, positive wallet, and currently in Jita

(Iseemir) #2


(Gattanera) #3

56 bil

(Iseemir) #4


(Niccolo Paganini) #5

I’ll be looking to wrap this up in the next couple of hours. Contact me in-game so I know you’re still interested. Anyone with new offers, post here and mail me in-game.

(Iseemir) #6

Hi! So did I win?

(system) #7

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