Evening Everyone.

WTS 43.5m SP small ship/subcap pilot.

  • Very little waste - racially cross-trained as efficiently as possible to enable optimal use of T2 & Faction Frig/Cruiser variants and armament. Intended for use (and historically used) to basically hop in a light fleet vessel for the exact requirement at hand and run it at full efficiency.
  • 2011 Character.
  • Positive wallet, no kill rights.
  • Located in Highsec in station. 4 Clones also in highsec.
  • Positive Security Status

62 skills trained to V - including good spread of Ship, Gunnery and Missile. Notable skills:

  • Most essential CPU, Engineering, Electronics, Navigation, skills at V
  • Most Medium/Small Gunnery & Missile Skills (& Torps) at V
  • Cyno V, Archaeology & Hacking V
  • All 4 Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser V
  • Recon, Interceptor, CovOps, Amarr Tactical Destroyer all at V

Notable Implants on main Clone :

  • Genolution CA-1 and CA-2
  • Genolution “Auroral” AU-79 (Collector’s Edition Golden Pod)
    (other clones have +3, 1-3% skill, or no implants)

Notable Standings:

  • SOE +5 (L4 Missions)

Open for bidding now, so please start at your leisure.

Bidding will end Sunday 10th June, or if an appropriately impressive BO is placed. I reserve the right to withdraw the auction if it does not meet my sale target.

Character transfer will be made using plex via ticket system, so may be a delay in transfer in addition to the usual delay for paid transfer.

Thanks for your consideration o7

EDIT (cant bump same day): Character is Vherokior.

Are you Sebiestor Tribe ?

39b b/o

Thanks for the offer. Will happily accept it as a bid but not high enough for a BO.

Still for sale until Sunday, for the discerning individual looking for a very inclusive skill set for small fleet work using a very vast array of ships and weaponry, all maxed out for top efficiency.

Thanks for everyone’s interest thusfar o7

Current Bid @ 39b. Still accepting bids and offers until this weekend!

Perfect for hopping straight into small gang/fleets, flying any/all 4 races at V, with gunnery/missile at V with many supporting skills at V. Great for running all faction ships at great efficiency too.

Want to kick back for a bit? SOE L4 Mission ready, or Astrometrics V with Hacking & Archaeology at V for those inclined.

Not to mention being a lovely 2011 date, having a nice distinctive name, and not being at either end of the alphabet for target callers in large fleet battles :wink:

A lovely efficient build straight from the get-go! :star_struck:

High bid still at 39b.

Did I mention the Golden Pod? :basketball:
Covops/Recon V with Cyno V too.

Will accept a B/O - Instant sale of 42b.

Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

41B and i take it now :slight_smile:

41b Offer accepted with thanks :slight_smile:

Ready to commence the paperwork when you are.

Sold to Moruk

Isk and Account Info Sent

Received, thankyou, commencing transfer. Will update.

EDIT: Support Ticket raised for plex character transfer. Will update when responded to. Thanks

you got any News about Transfer?

Ticket has been raised 6.6.18 21:44

Plex is being used for transfer, and can only be done via a CSR ticket. There is usually a delay (ticket response time) in addition to the standard transfer time.

(Thank you for contacting the CCP Player Experience Team. Your ticket (734863) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.)

Sorry for the wait. I will keep you updated.

8/6/18 EDIT:
(update) Ticket id 734863 for character transfer using plex is still open. Last activity is now listed as 22:00 7/7/18 (24 hours after ticket was raised) which I guess means they have opened and reviewed the ticket - and hopefully have handed it to the correct team to deal with. I’ll update you if the status or activity changes.

8/6/18 23:00 EDIT:
Ticket is still open. I’ll keep updating.
Its been 48 hours. Reading various other experiences, 1-5 days waiting for response was described. Hopefully it wont be too much longer. Thanks for your patience.

9/6/18 17:00 EDIT:
Added reply to ticket at 12:00 requesting update. No response yet.
Will keep you advised.

okay will wait, but next time, i dont accept plex transfer for charakter transfer xD that takes to long to wait no pvp fleets for me this time xD

still no response from support, no Transfer since 3days :frowning: support isnt that good…

Im really sorry Moruk, I am disappointed too (though not as much as you, I know).

Reading other posts, people have had to wait like 4 days this week. I wonder if there are a lot more tickets to deal with this week because of the new expansion…

I think there should not be the 10h wait when they process the transfer, at least…

yea you are a good and fast seller, but CCP/the GM are bad, xD

Recieved the Charakter thanks for Transfer

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