(Zopyros Photios) #1

WTS Orca Booster, Gallente Pvper, Logi


Comes with +4 implants, and a few 5%'s

Located in Amarr

Positive Wallet

Positive Security Status

Good Killboard

Great Main or ALT!

1 Remap Available!

NO Jump Clones, Can make them though!

Great Toon!


Buyout: 11b O.B.O

(I wanna Sell) #2

9 B for start :slight_smile:

(Theo Sotken) #3

Offer 9.5b to move closer to minimum.

(Zopyros Photios) #4

Ty! bump

(SpankM3) #5


(Zopyros Photios) #6

Can you do 12b spankm3

(SpankM3) #7

10B is a reasonable price. ISK is ready. I am leaving for my vacation tomorrow. Let me know as soon as possible. thx

(Zopyros Photios) #8

It’s reasonable but worth a bit more thinking…

(SpankM3) #10

offer canceled, thank you!

(Zopyros Photios) #13


(Zopyros Photios) #14


(Leee Jonez) #15

How far is he off sitting in a rorqual?

Edit: could you start a chat with me ingame? Wanna check some skill queues i may have in mind for the character.

(Zopyros Photios) #16

will do after work

(Brock Khans) #17

Fun fact. On eveskillboard if you go to the Ships tab, find the ship you’re curious about:

  1. If it has a white glaze on it, click it and find out what skills are missing and how long its going to take to train into based off current attributes
  2. If its a normal pictures, they can fly it!

(Anoobis Sphinx) #18

withdrawn bid…

(Zopyros Photios) #19

anoobis offer ?

(Zopyros Photios) #20

The ships I can fly I can fly good fits!

(Zopyros Photios) #21

b/o changed to 11b! may take 10.5

(Father Bit) #22


(Neva Second) #25

10.2B ready now