150 b/o today anyone ready ?

back to B/o 170b


Offer with 150b accepted, waiting ingame mail and isk to start transfer

No ingame confirmation… Character still for sale

This is your character, I hope to wait for his reply, because I want to buy that one.

This thread is about Lord Thraakath !

Yes my. Did you sent ingame mail to confirm your offer ?

If you accept 216B isk, please let me know. Otherwise I will not send ISK and email
Please use Cpt KorpuSkull to tell me

No dude this topic is for Lord Thraakath
Cpt is sold




accpet, mail me ingame please to confirm

back up to 150bil

waiting ingame mail confirmation, 150b accepted

I will send mail and isk to you in an hours


i’m sorry ,cancel,i need to buy an other character.

bump character still for sale, last offer is 150b if will be confirmation ingame it will be accepted

145 bil