Solid State Declaration

President Aguard was elected with the laudable goal of diversifying and distributing power throughout the Federation, but instead of honouring the existing protocols that achieve this, such as the franchise system, much better to simply relocate the capital system of the Executive, for example, because that will distrbute power.

The President remains the President, and those with real influence, her closest advisors are core staff, are likely to have remained largely unchanged and relocated at the same time.

What has this actually achieved, really?

Perhaps I’m being unfair. Perhaps a new Press Officer with a Parchanier accent will help the people of Sinq Laison feel more represented and empowered.

A solution that is politically inconvenient for the Federation, and so of course cannot be allowed to happen, regardless of the policy contradictions such a position brings with it.

Rather than allow the tools available to the Intaki Assembly to resolve a long running issue for the people of Intaki, the Federation seems content to frustrate any potential for progress with years of deliberate interference and delay.

The Federation has done well to perpetuate the idea that it’s the stipulation for a minimal navy presence that is the root of Intaki’s security woes. A stipulation it’s worth pointing out is currently being ignored, and has been for over over two years.

If only the Federal Navy were permitted to operate (legitimately) within the Intaki system, all would be well in New Eden.

A little gaslighting can go a long way, but fortunately the long term neglect across the rest of the Placid region reveals the real value of Federal Navy “protection”.

And this is the contradiction: overlapping neglect and interference.

But should any of us argue against the latter, it’s become fashionable for some to cite the historic projection of Intaki influence, sometimes by military means, into Verge Vendor during the earliest years of the Federation. As if such a distraction of whataboutery actually contributes to the topic at hand.

The thing is, the pre-Yiona Reforms Intaki would have been capable of defending itself without the need of contractors and franchises.

Perhaps the people of Intaki would have pursued their own security and defence policies, distinct from that of the wider Federation.

Perhaps the people of Intaki would not have found themselves in the middle of a conflict zone, their home little more than a trophy for both sides to fight over.

Perhaps Intaki would actually be secure.


Perhaps, but that’s all in the past and nothing can be done to change it now. As for ‘the long term neglect across the rest of the Placid region’… I dunno, looking at the maps, there’s two types of systems in Placid:

Highsec systems, all of which appear to be perfectly secure parts of the Federation, and lowsec systems.

Thing about the lowsec systems—the real lowsec systems—that’s only 2-and-change constellations, and those systems do seem to have Fed Navy presence. They don’t, on the other hand, have CONCORD presence.

The rest of the region, 5 ‘lowsec’ constellations that are seeing all the fighting? That’s not neglect. That’s not neglect any more than the Republic is ‘neglecting’ contested systems like Floseswin. Neglect would mean ‘oh, they’re just not doing enough because they can’t be bothered’. No no, what you’re looking at isn’t negligence. It’s intentional.

All of those systems were actively committed to being fought over. The Federation, State, Empire, and Republic all got together and decided 'everyone on all these worlds? Screw ‘em, we’re gonna sign a treaty that says it’s totally ok for their lives to get disrupted, maybe even once a week, by all of the legal and security infrastructure of the system changing hands and being tossed into chaos, over and over again’.

In this, the State is no better than the Fed. None of them are. CONCORD sure as hell isn’t, they’re the ones that treaty was enacted through.

So, it’s not really ‘The Federation’ telling Intaki and Placid to go screw themselves… it’s literally the entire power structure of New Eden.

None of them give a rat’s ass about you. None of them want the fighting to stop. None of them want the worlds or people of Intaki to be safe, or at peace. Because they all chose this, and agreed to it.

If there’s gonna be a damned war, let there be a damned war. End all this pendulum crap that just consigns lives and worlds to the meatgrinder so the empires can rattle their sabers and tell their people ‘we are fighting the enemy’ while the whole time, their wealthiest worlds remain utterly safe by mutual agreement, and lives are lost in ‘wars’ none of the combatants will ever be allowed to win. Because the governments they’re fighting for don’t want them to win.


Part of me agrees but then I remember that’s a very ‘nearly immortal’ perspective on proper wars.

No, it’s not. Completely setting aside my personal belief that we are not immortal, we are simply disposable serial copies of dead capsule-program candidates, I have a lot of baseliner family, most of them working for the RSS. If we really go to war, I will lose kin at a prodigious rate, and I will mourn each and every one of them1.

Personally, I’d prefer we end the pendulum without open declarations of war. But let’s face it, the empires don’t want that. This continued kabuki just bleeds lives and treasure in all four nations, but it’s lives and treasure the empires believe gets them more benefit than it costs: it keeps a chunk of militia pilots ready-to-hand if they really need them, small special-forces fleets that the empires themselves don’t even need to recruit for, train, or finance, because the capsuleers take care of all of that themselves.

The ‘nearly immortal’ perspective here is the one shared by the true immortals in the equation: the national governments. Individuals come and go, but the states themselves will last until the stars go out, if this is the only way they fight. Nice and safe, with the only price one payed by people, not nations.

1. Or, a future Arrendis Culome of Clan Stjörnauga will. Odds are, I’ll be long dead. Still, maybe it’ll happen soon, or I’ll actually survive long enough to celebrate my First Birthday… for once. Current target date: Dec 5.

To be Caldari is to be a cell in a body. We do not live for ourselves. With every breath, we remember our ancestors, our way of life. Our State. Then, we die.

The State lives on. We can do this forever. We will not shirk from our duty. Honor lives in our bones and sinew.

You will not pay the price. That is why, in the end.

You will lose.

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Aside from whatever Federal Controlled Territories exist in Placid, each member state in the region has enormous flexibility in it’s day-to-day affairs. To them the Federation is nothing more than a distant entity, with minimal interference being exerted aside from the most exceptional of circumstances. It might be popular to present the Federation as an omnipotent, omnipresent and malevolent being that directly controls every single charter signatory through occupational armies and regimes, but the truth is far from that reality.

Your pitifully fragile excuse of Intaki being utilised ‘Federal military purposes’ for the conduct of Lai Dai and their henchmen in the Onikanabo Brigade falls apart rather quickly when one understands that there was not a Federal Marines, Army or Air Force garrison on the Intaki Homeworld until after the disgraceful occupation.

Although the Syndicate incorporates the Intaki identity into it’s name and various institutions, I do not consider it to be representative of the Intaki or the notion of Intaki Separatism wholesale as it’s origins stem from the exile of 5,000 Intaki, criminals and terrorists amongst them, to the region. I can understand how the Syndicate is romanticised as the ideal end result of a secession from the Federation for the Intaki and it’s prime example of feasibility - although I cannot agree with it being either of those things. The Syndicate continues to exist because they are a convenient neutral ground entreating with pirates and outlaws, enabling a thin veneer of legitimacy with their institutions founded on doing business with all without care for their lawfulness or criminality - see their dealings with True Creations as one of the most odious examples.

Summarising your miniscule knowledge of the Federation can be accomplished through your declaration being referred to as Gaseous, rather than Solid. That is, a large amount of hot air being blown without much substance to support it.

Ifs, buts and maybes - with what could have been based on an optimistic opinion should there have been a fragmentation of the Federation following the overthrow of the U-NAT administration.

You’ve known my stance on Intaki Separatism for a long time, Suresha Bataav. And you should know of my respect for your beliefs regardless of my staunch opposition to them. But to blame the Yiona Reforms and the necessary reforms to ensure the continued survival of the Federation for Intaki’s predicament is not entirely fair or accurate, and neither is the claim of ‘gaslighting’ in respect of the Federal Navy’s commitments to Placid or minimising the Assembly’s meddling in Verge Vendor in yesteryear.

Perhaps one should cast one’s blame to those that continue to assault the integrity of Placid, rather than solely holding the Federation to account (quite rightly that it should be held to account, I might add).

Well if our counter parts in the Federation can assure us with their word that Intaki had not been used for military purposes by the Federation forces, who are we to question it. Perhaps if the Federation would have such a hardly-noticed-hand hovering over the Caldari as well, this entire situation could have been avoided generations ago.

As far as the Intaki Syndicate, fortunately we don’t require the opinion of an Ishukone drop out traitor to characterize our existence. But truly I am thankful everyone here was able to witness the sentiment of the Federation regarding the Intaki people that fled Federation persecution: Merely criminals and terrorists. They push our people out to the fringes and call what we were able to build on our own as mere criminality.

The Federation’s same attitude that forced the Caldari away is the same attitude that they hold toward the Syndicate. Both are mere fringe terrorist criminal entities that need to be brought back into the fold or destroyed. Create the conditions for conflict and then act indignant when conflict occurs. It is exactly this common animosity from the Federation that further proves the State’s need to work with the Syndicate.


I must’ve missed the Federal blockade of Intaki that had the planet running short of food…

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Apparently disregard toward people and considering them mere terrorists and criminals only counts if there’s a blockade.

No, just that there’s a massive difference in attitude between ‘we consider your actions to be criminal, so we’re treating them as such’ and ‘well fine then, we’ll go ahead and go for genocide’.

I’m assuming the former is kindly held for the Syndicate while the latter is reserved for the Caldari State then.

If you have to assume which of those worlds the Gallente tried to starve into submission, maybe you shouldn’t be pontificating about equivalences.

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It’s both.

This is active neglect.

By perpetuating the militia conflict that brings so much death and destruction to the Placid region, the Federation willfully neglects their responsibility to ensure the welfare of their citizens.

But the neglect in Placid goes beyond just this.

The Federal response to the Reschard disaster in YC108 was borne out of embarrassment, as all of New Eden saw the shocking failure to act. History has judged the disaster to be a huge failure of territorial security and disaster response on the part of the Federation, and it’s that neglect which makes the choice of imagery on their monument so distasteful.

For years the Federation neglected the people of entire constellations and Districts politically. With the deliberate removal of suffrage in the wake of State military activity across Placid and beyond, a critical element of how Federal society functions was denied at a critical moment. Curiously this was not deemed necessary in Luminaire, even in the shadow of the Caldari Navy Leviathan, the Shiigeru.

There’s also documented neglect and corruption within Federal law enforcement in Placid. Both in the case of the RISE incident of YC109.

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Be glad my predecessor, Sakaane Eionell didn’t hear you say that. As Suresha of the ILF, she was very, very critical of the Intaki Syndicate.

Almost nobody within the Intaki secessionist movement that I am aware of romanticises the Syndicate, and those of us who live and die on the Placid/Syndicate border are well aware of the challenges that face the region, often bleeding into neighbouring systems, including Intaki itself.

There are some parallels.

It’s true that the Federation has never blockaded Intaki Prime, but they did raze entire communities across a border constellation, and then destroy the only jump gate back to Federation space proper.

To those people on the wrong side of the gate this was essentially a blockade with the dial turned up to 11.

You make an imortant distinction here.

There were certainly innocents among the so-called 5,000, though some of us also challenge that number. The 5,000 were simply those who were named to be rounded up for expulsion.

We will never know how many dependents were forced to go with them. Husbands and wives. Elderly parents. Young children. And the original settlers of those destroyed communities in what is now Poitot and beyond were also uncounted, simply caught up in the extreme sanction of others.

When you consider that this was an excessive act, carried out by a Gallente Ultra Nationalist government against a group of people who were almost exclusively Intaki, genocide doesn’t feel too far from the mark.


But not the only gateway / access to necessities for their continued survival. Effectively, exile, not execution. I agree that it’s still horrible, and a difference of degree, but those differences matter when people try to paint with overly-broad brushes.

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So kind of them to not outright execute us and instead simply leave us for dead after razing our settlements. The Federation has a tendency to alter their historical records to avoid these inconvenient events. And if these and other such events that have been wiped from the records were made known to the Intaki people, it would cause a major problem for the supposedly “light handed” rule of the Federation.

The Intaki people are on a leash. That it is a relatively long one does not chance the fact that they are tied.

As usual, the traitor makes excuses for the Gallente like a lapdog whenever their consistently horrible and disgusting actions are brought up, regardless of what ethnicity or culture is the one being oppressed. This right here is exactly why the Intaki Separatist Movements have never gone away. They know when they are being lied to just as the Caldari had. We know all too well that the freedom the Gallente so brazenly proclaim about is nothing more than a deviously written and malicious scam contract.

It is rather telling when most of the attempts to build up the Placid region economically and infrastructurally have come Caldari aligned entities rather than Gallente ones, which can almost exclusively be found doing such things in the Essence region of the CEWPA warzone at any given time.


The fundamental hypocrisy of the Gallente Federation is that it will laud and fete the value of self-determination of a nation such as with the Minmatar as a cause célèbre but acts with extreme cultural fragility and hostility towards the very same acts of self-determination of minorities within its own borders.

The overwhelming consensus of the Federation (in my opinion conceit) is that its liberal politics and culture is suitable, even desirable, for all peoples within its borders. That such politics and culture of the Gallente creates the imbalanced power dynamics of a hegemonic majority and disenfranchised minorities with their own cultural identities of a shared history, language, and traditions – of the oppressor over the oppressed. The desire of self-determination by Federal minorities is fundamentally opposed to the Gallentean conceit their politics and culture is suitable and desirable to be adopted by all of humanity.

The Caldari know well the lengths the Gallente will go to in order to curtail the right to national self-determination of minority peoples within the Federation. Of the use of suspicion and aspersion, of criminalisation, of exile, of the use of phrases such as treason which are all aimed at the vilification and dehumanization of those whose aspirations of a separate sovereignty in accordance to a national identity are to be regarded with vehemence in order to make the final use of political violence against minorities pursuing self-determination palatable to the Gallente masses.

President Duvalier and the indiscriminate bombings of Caldari Prime were not outliers. Both were the product of Gallente political instincts to kill or destroy those minority groups deemed a threat to the established order of the Federation.

As such I welcome those Intaki who have realized that the political processes of democracy in the Federation will always fail the desire for self-determination so long as it exists as nothing more than the begging for concessions from a political and cultural oppressor.


In the past few days the Caldari Militia forces have established a direct line of control between State controlled High Security space and the Intaki Syndicate through an unbroken link through the warzone. I want to thank all those involved in this endeavor. We will continue to support and maintain this connection between our great powers for mutual support.

Not being able to maintain their war front, Federation forces have begun spreading the conflict into Syndicate space and working with criminal entities in their pursuit of striking at I-RED. This will not be forgotten nor forgiven.