Solo Caldari Frigate PvP

Hi, I’m a sorta new (6 weeks into eve) Caldari player and am looking for a little advice on (lowsec) solo pvp strategy before I begin fighting. My fit is a missile based kestrel scram-kiter. Tips such as how to find good fights, optimal strategy against various types of fighters, and maybe some general great fit ideas would be much appreciated. Also I know that traditionally the Kestrel is rocket-fitted and the Condor is used for missiles but after looking in depth at them I decided the kestrel is better for my playstyle.

Well, griffin navy used to be good…

use rockets if your ab/scram/web usually (you did say this i just noticed) some folks are also fitting their kestrels as armour boats with two webs.
As for targets well damn… thats a tough one as theres so many different ships and possible fits.

The basics; probably avoid faction or pirate frigates, tormentors and to some degree tristans.

Finding goodfights… let me know when you figure that one out im having difficulty with it myself.

Thx for the tips!

Since you like the Kestrel, I suggest you watch this:

Suitonia is very experienced in frigate solo pvp. Of course he also knows his way around other ships, so I also suggest, you subscribe to the youtube channel and watch the other videos.

Now please explain a contradiction. You claim to be a noob, yet you speak of scram-kiting, which is a pretty advanced tactic for someone playing EVE.
I am even more surprised that nobody else picked up on that. It is very unusual for a noob to speak of kiting in the first 6 weeks, even less of scram-kiting.


if you want a bit of a giggle watch the zkill guide one :slight_smile:

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You should have won this, are you setting orbit and keep at range defaults and using your selected items box?
What are your acceleration control and navigation skills at?

Avoid comets, they are one of the most common and nastiest ships in facwar areas; oddly i myself dont have much luck with them.

Tbh you are in a sizable alliance, if they are not helping you with this im not sure why you are with them.

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My alliance is being pretty helpful, but you need experience to do well not just advice. Also there wasn’t a way I wouldve beat that Incursus without a much higher DPS. The Incursus had a crazy armor rep rate that my DPS couldn’t crack. After it’s shield broke it was just a relatively slow death as the Incursus picked away at my shields and then the tiny armor and hull.

Thx for the video. I’ll go watch it. How is scram-kiting particularly advanced? Unless I’m mistaken, scram-kiting is just the act of using high speed and warp scram + AB to maintain range between 7.5km and 10-13km depending on skills.


I know people that have been playing years who dont even know what it is tbh.


I know what scram kiting is and also witness first hand that everyone left Tama when my name appeared in local - suddenly no spaceships.

However 6 weeks into EVE my primary concern was buying that advanced willpower book or running 50 more level 1 missions because I didn’t understand that I could use a level 2 agent already.
Then corp sitting as director or begging corp mates to join them in a level 4.

Okay it is not common but also not unheard of that some noobies dive right into the pvp part with various success rates but getting all turret ranges into your head for all small guns is not something a 6 week old noob is able to do, period.

When I started to pvp 5 years into playing EVE, I wasn’t even aware of most of the words used my pvper like point or scram and confused the two more often that I like to admit but with time comes experience.
However I didn’t learn that all in 6 weeks, where your primary concern is something like asking in help channel why you can’t dock in that station where you just bought the navigation skill book for 200.000.000 isk or something.

I do not know any noob who has asked about scram-kiting after 6 weeks, so you are either not new to EVE or know someone whom is playing for a while.


No I’m new but I read A TON of eve university stuff. Thats how I know so much stuff that an average 6 week in player wouldn’t. My concern isn’t agent running right now my main concern is making enough ISK to afford Omega via exploring and ratting in nullsec.

get a au asb hawk

A kestrel guide.

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Nice guide. Nice cheat sheets. But you have some technical mistakes. Dragoon has 3 mids(and has a webb or capbusrer). And please, mention arty thresher in cheat sheet. Electronic warfare like guidance disruptor can be descovered in tactics. An there no advansed tactic at all. But realy, if i saw this guide when i start the game i fly castrel now. Thank you for work you’ve done.

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