Solo low sec pvp buff #2 - Fleet Dispersal on warp in

Proposal: Fleet warps should automatically result in random distances between fleet ships on warp in in low sec

Numbers confer exponential advantages over lower numbers. In null sec where I gather some greater purpose is served in terms of some wonderful galactic history, I’m sure the fleet maneuvers are a thing of great intrinsic value…but in low sec space where a fleet is mostly a blob…here we should handicap the fleets wherever possible - in this instance by randomly placing individuals in a fleet at warp ins within say a 100k radius of each other. Let fleets work as before for null sec…but let low sec be as awkward as possible for the fleet approach.

Fleets will now choose between unpredictable fleet warps and unpredictable execution of individual warps.

Hopefully these changes will result in more chaos and more interesting fights with unorganised fleets showing more weaknesses at the start of engagements than found with the current syncro-warp gameplay

Why punish a fleet for being organized in the first place? What actual benefit do you see this bringing to lowsec PvP? It’s a long standing axiom of EVE that going solo is one of the hardest ways to go.

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Hi, thanks for your reply,

I don’t see my changes as a punishment…the fleets will enjoy themselves more I hope as the engagments should be less predictable and more forthcoming.

Regarding solo being hard and this being a long standing axiom - my agenda is to improve the lot of solo pvp in low sec. It’s not about it being hard or easy historically or otherwise, it is about making it more viable and fun to do in some area of space.

I believe the game is throttled by its focus on massive space battle hype. If we could truly open this a game for solo roaming pvp…(while letting the massive space battles carry on of course where there is a demand)…I think we might just see a real growth of numbers again.

Allow me to reword your OP a bit and we’ll see if I understand what you are saying. Correct me if I’m wrong, but what I think you’re saying is:

I want to play solo in a massively multiplayer game. Players who are playing together can beat me when I’m solo, so I want to nerf them so that I can stand a much better chance against them. Because somehow space is different based on the security status and navigation systems function horribly in lowsec when you’ve got lots of ships together.

If I understand you right, your idea is terrible in literally every way.


Well, I’m really not worried about fleets beating me personally while solo. I have no action hero delusions.

I already play solo in a massively multiplayer game - it would be good if more people did though - Nerfing fleets in some parts of space might just shake things up a bit.

It would be fun to add a bit more chaos and disorder into the game. Fleet commanders warping groups of ships about as if they were essentially one big ship with lots of guns is the bit I’d like to mess around with.

It is such a cliche, to send in a tackler, commence fight, send in a blob and that’s all she wrote. Is this really the only/ most fun gameplay we can imagine here?

Terrible in every way? maybe :slight_smile:

But they say Its a sandbox. Well, we don’t need to have sacred sand, or to glue the sand together. So a little blue sky thinking might give us all something new to play with.

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