Solo low sec pvp buff #4 - New Plex Mechanics For Fun PVP

New Plex Mechanics

The FW plexes have resulted in a thriving pvp environment at least for smaller ships.

The idea here is to provide something new yet similar outside of the faction warfare system.

Basically a new kind of plex that can be exploited for small rewards designed to encourage and provide balanced pvp opportunities along the way.


Beacons will randomly appear in low sec systems from time to time.

Only the first two players to initiate warp to these beacons will be successful.

Where multiple players simultaneously warp to the beacon, two will be picked randomly to succeed and the other warp ins will fail. Once two ships have warped in, that beacon will no longer be available to anyone else.

If no one warps to these beacons, they will expire very quickly. Maybe only 20 seconds. This is to discourage players getting organised and calling for a partner and attempting to grab them as a team. It should also prevent players re-shipping. These beacons could be fleeting targets of opportunity where a quick decision to take risk is needed to get the reward.

Fleet warps to these beacons will not be possible. If two fleet mates get the beacon to themselves so be it, but the fun part would be where two players need to fight over the beacon.

On arriving at the beacon, players will need to wait out a timer in the faction warfare style and defend that beacon if they want the reward. If they leave there is no return.

Once a player has warped to the beacon and entered this temporary arena, the beacon will stay active for another warp in until a) the timer has been counted down or b) another player enters or c) until no player remains in the area.

Counting down the timer will release a can containing some loot.

Additional ideas…

Beacons could be ship class restricted of course.

The warp in selection rules could include preferential selection of players that have entered plexes the fewest number of times together in the recent past to try and reduce the chances of team mates successfully bagging the beacon and collecting the reward without any fight.

Warp stabs would cause warp in failure.

Timer will only count down if the beacon has a point on it. Disruptor or scram is fine.

I may have missed something here so apologies if ive done so. But if only the 1st 2 ships to hit warp can go to the beacon what exactly are they defending the beacon against as no one else will be able to warp to it, includig hostiles.

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If two friendly ships make it in, then yes they have nothing to defend. lucky them.

However it won’t always be two friendly ships, sometimes you will find yourself in there with an unfriendly - at which point you will need to fight. The point is, no matter how many people try to warp in, only 2 actually will.

So even if you are in a gang there is a chance that you will not arrive with one of your team mates - in fact, the mechanics could deliberately prevent fleeted players arriving together.

The short initial expiry time is intended to create a scramble to warp to the beacon by interested players and inhibit co-operative organisation.

The timer is just to keep someone arriving early busy. Maybe they need to kills some rats instead, or do a mini puzzle. For sure I have some concerns about a player hanging around after they have killed someone for a timer now you mention it :slight_smile:

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