SOL's Asylum, is looking for more Miners, Builders, PVE and yes even PVP

Sentinels of Lunacy, is a Null-Corp that is currently looking to fill up the Asylum Cells with more Miners, Builders, PVE and PVP Pilots alike. More Miners, always more miners! Most systems are fully upgraded and well established.

PAPS? – Alliance and Corp does not Require you to Participate! But we encourage you to make ISK!!

Come Join Us!
Make ISK
We have a Corp Buy-Back program

Personally, I’m looking for 12:00 to 17:00 Gamers
However, we have a crew that plays all day and others are looking for members that love to PVE in the 02:00 to 08:00 time slots

Whatever, the Alliance is thriving for most of the hours a day!

We prefer Omega Accounts, but Alpha is welcome.
Our leader and a bunch others are well seasoned with over 120M Skill Points.

Join our Public Channel: PUB ASYLUM or contact any of the following in Game for more details.

Shepherd Cage
elSchabei Crendraven
Quiet Lee
Angry Rogue

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Love the wordplay on Soul Asylum. Was that intentional? Anyway what’s your opinion on alpha accounts…? Thanks in advance

Hi, well, It’s not really a word play on Soul Asylum but I get it :wink:

We are more word playing on Pandora’s Asylum, the crazy house, people that stick together in their own realm of confusion. :slight_smile:

Omega is preferred, But Alpha is still allowed.

We really need Miners and PVE’rs :wink:
Lots of Miners.

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I updated our Needs in first topic.
Omega and Alpha are welcomed.
We require you to stay Active though.

We need Miners!
Come on, we are in an awesome space for you to mine.

We need PVE’rs!
Especially during the 02:00 to 08:00 eve-time zone

We always need PVP’ers, but they always leave to PVP corps.
We are an Indy Corp that loves our PVPer’s

I personally want more miners between 12:00 to 17:00 eve-time zone, which is my mornings and I’m always onLine (unless it’s a Thanksgiving or Saturdays)

We all have Home/Wife/Dog agros!

The Alliance is thriving.
Come Join Us!

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