Solution for all (Nvidia) users with driver stops and recoveries


I am using an Alienware 17 R1 with GTX 880M since end of 2014. The system was running fine since 2016 after more EVE graphics updates. I am usually not playing other games (anymore). Finally EVE was unplayable on my system.

After an unexpected mainboard / GFX replacement in January 2017 and a fresh Win 10 installation the problem still existed and I recognized that games using the Unreal Engine like “Hello Neighbor” or “Fortnite” crashed badly all the time. The EVE LogLite tool reported Shader errors most of the time.

I am also using the A17 for my CGI business. All kind of 2D/3D apps run fine. Just DX9/11 apps will cause driver stops and recoveries all the time. The problem started slowly with rare freezes and after more patches the PC was completely useless for EVE.

Since 2016 I have posted the issue on several forums and had an intense chat with the CCP support by a couple of bug reports. But it seems that the A17 with GTX 880M is a rare setup. I found noone with that rig playing EVE or reporting the same issue on other Alienware / Dell / Nvidia forums.

Last night I finally found the solution by downclocking the GTX 880M with MSI Afterburner. I just pulled the Core Clock slider to -135. Since then EVE is playable again. Fortnite is not crashing anymore. The performance is still great. Three clients run at max settings without AA @ 60 fps … again.

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Update: it looks like that the GTX 880M of my A17 is generally overclocked. I set the Core Clock to 0 and my system runs stable.

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Gratz on finding a solution to the problem.

Glad to hear you can play Eve.

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