[Solved] Popup window for log in not opening

I installed the AUR version of the evelauncher and everything was working before DT.
Now I can open the launcher but the popup window (that I get on my mac) for the actual login does not appear when adding an account or logging in.

I updated the AUR package locally with the dev version of the launcher and the issue is the same.

The launcher loads fine and all the links/etc work but the actual log in / add account button does not produce the popup window. There are also no crashes or hangs in the app.

Arch Linux x64
Using the bundled wine/config from the AUR

2018-09-12T14:24:55.137Z web debug info: Command: Open external login window for EVE 1 https://launcher.eveonline.com/beta/3120/static/js/main.b33cf2e0.js

Error in launcher logs

I have created another version of the evelauncher package which works for me at the moment using Manjaro Linux.

Please have a look at this posting in EVE Installing mentioned the AUR package from Aleksandr and then this posting in the same thread EVE Installing respective the actual problems with login. The adress from my site are in the same thread too.


I am getting an error when attempting to launch your version of the launcher.

evelauncher.sh: ERROR: libssl.so version 1.0 not found!

I have re-installed openssl to no avail. also been checking the googlez. Thanks for your help so far. I feel so close

I finally got it working. Thank you sooooo much. I MISSED EVE :frowning:

for the curious I had to install an older version of open ssl

Thanks for the tip with the openssl-1.0 package. I assumed before, that the differend versions from these libraries are in one package delivered, like in other distributions In other distributions which i have tested and using for myself, are these libs per default installed. AUR Packages are fixed, please replace the installed package with the fixed one.

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